Sunday, October 29, 2017

PL Travels: Camiguin Island

Visiting Camiguin was a last minute plan after we traveled from Siargao but I'm glad that we did it. This island is actually the second smallest province in the Philippines but definitely not the one to miss. This island is greatly influenced by Spanish era and it has been said in old Spanish documents that Ferdinand Magellan and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi actually visited here. You would really know by just looking at their old buildings and church ruins. 

How do you get there and how to take the most out of your time?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

PL Travels: Cabgan & Turtle Island

If you haven't been to Surigao del Sur, I suggest that you start packing right now! I mean it. Not only is this province safe and ready for modernization but it's also abundant with the best beaches and even all kinds of bodies of water. This province is becoming more and more popular with its main attractions like Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls (the Philippine's little Niagara falls), Britania Group of Islands and many more including this underrated, untouched but so-chill islands of Barobo - the Cabgan & Turtle Islands. So yeah trust me, this comes from the eye of the local. Yep, I'm proud to be living in this beautiful place of Surigao del Sur!

PL Travels: BOHOL Adventure!

It all started when we had scuba diving lesson earlier this year. One of the scuba instructors said he had an amazing scuba experience in Balicasag Bohol and said that it would be worthy of anyone who wants to experience it. Then bam! 2 months after that, we flew to Bohol! :D

Bohol is an island province rich with cultures, old buildings (from Spanish era), sexy beaches and of course, the famous Chocolate Hills! We only had the Balicasag underwater experience in mind but didn't expect we'd actually have more fun! But you know what they say, "It's more fun in the Philippines!"

Monday, April 10, 2017

Will YOU ever be ready for Summer?

I've read a lot of articles on how to prepare for summer, how to get beach perfect body, what to bring for summer getaways, etc. etc. but the question is, will you ever be ready for summer? I know I'm not! Especially when the months before that is holiday and you just can't resist sinful foods! But the good thing is, you actually don't need the perfect bod nor the perfect essentials. So what do you need really?

And oh, before you continue to read, don't expect summer tips 1 to 10 or travel essentials from cotton pads to sunblock. Although that is important, I think I'm too late to give that since you can literally read it EVERYWHERE! So I'm just telling you something you probably already know but may want to be reminded and then we can be besties! Ya feel me?

Okay moving on...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Watsons Mini Haul

It's been awhile since I've been to the mall. Personally, I'd prefer staying at home like the whole month so I could save myself from splurging but oh holiday comes and the sales are on! And when it comes to beauty products, Watsons is always my first stop. I love that they have everything from makeup to skincare. The holiday sales are starting so of course, I had to check them out. There are some new brands (or not really new but I've been hibernating in my cave so I'm not that updated *big grin*) and there are products that I've been eyeing because well, bloggers are raving about it. Yes I'm looking at you 'Maybelline Velvet MATTE Liquid Lipstick'!

So yeah I did a little shopping and here are the items that I got.