Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A VEET'astic Surprise!

Hey pretties! How you doin'?

So last week, I went home and got something sumthin' from Veet! Yayy! I was really surprised since my mom never told me about it 'till I got back and apparently this Veet Beauty box has been sitting in my room for more than a month! ~Say what?? Really mom. -_-. (I'm currently living in the city and forgot to change address).

But anyways, that's okay because I'm still sooo glad I got these babies! Some say it may be a 'summer too late' but for me, it's never too late to get a hair-free/smooth skin for "any" season(although it would have been nice using these last summer).

Okay so I actually never tried any Veet products before and I've been dying to try these since my sister tried one and she really liked the results. So it's still all good and kinda intriguing eh?

So what's inside the box?

I got three Veet items in each little boxes with a note from the Veet team. :)

awww! Thank you Veet! And a pink box? So cute! Thank you again! *wink*


Veet Wax Strips

I heard people use this when they're not comfortable with depilatory creams especially because of the scent.

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin - 100ml

I better start with this one just to be on the safe side since it will be my first time using Veet or any depilatory cream for that matter.

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin - 25g

This is what my sister used and she had nothing but praises about it. So if the 'sensitive' one won't work on me, I'll definitely try this!

So there you go. This is definitely a VEET'astic suprise for me! (or maybe because I just ran out of tittle ideas. lol. Kiddin'!) But thank you so much Veet for a sweet surprise! I'll surely share my thoughts once I try these so that everyone else can discover what #BeautyFeelsLike!

Watch out for my reviews soon! Stay pretty everyone! 'Till my next post! *wink*

P.S. Ignore the broken images. I'm having problem with the image host so don't worry it's not your browser. It will be fixed soon! Thank you.

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