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Laid Back Sunday: My Top 5 All-time Favorite TV Series

Hey everyone! How's your weekend so far? Hope you're having a blast! I know this is totally unrelated post but why not? Here I am in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in my hand..watching my guilty pleasure favorite TV series (the one I've watched huuuundreds of times!) and just completely enjoying my weekend. While on the other side of the world(particularly USA), people are having parties and having the time of their lives!(i.e. my two

With that, I wanna share  my top 5...oh no no..scratch that..5 is not enough..actually my TOP 10 favorite TV series of all time!

1. Friends
Definitely on top of my list! A classic-old school sitcom that made everyone laugh, cry and bond within the 10-year run(1994-2004). Makes me wanna be with the whole gang!

2. How I Met Your Mother
Some people say it has weird similarity to Friends, some say it's the modern-take and some say most characters have similar stories..well I say, that "some" includes ME! lol. Still, I love this show! Barney is awwweeesooome!

3. Two and a Half Men
What can I say? I love to laugh! Jake is the most adorable kid ever! The recent season shows him how he's growing into this great teenager who took it from his uncle. lol.

4. Grey's Anatomy
Yes people. I have some serious side of me too. But actually, this series has more of a...uhmm..hmm..okay this just make me want to be a surgeon. :D

5. CSI: Los Angeles
The original of all CSI franchise and this is freaking awesome! Actually I should have moved it up but I just love to laugh too much. Still, great great series! I highly recommend if you haven't seen it.

The original one in Washington is sooo nice and full of action! Gibbs and Abby are my fave characters although I hate it that they keep killing main characters (same thing happens with no.10). 

7. True Blood
I was very sad when it ended but man Sookie is such a B***!Let me just say that once and for all.LOL. I love this series but once it ended, it just made me realize how slutty Sookie is! He's been with many men throughout the series but ended having a family with a man we didn't even know!And the director didn't even bother! Anyway, I still LOVE this!

8. Ghost Whisperer
At first, I don't want to see it. I scare so fast but man, the stories behind every episode is just soo nice! And I love ghost!..I mean..the whisperer!..I mean the lady which is the main character..oh sorry, it's Jennifer Love Hewitt! :D

9. Desperate Housewives
This series is just freaking crazy!! 'Nuff said!

10. Game of Thrones
I know I know! What am I thinking? This is the best show in the present! Why am I listing it last? Well, I'm just saving the best for last people! Anyway for those who haven't watched yet (what are you, 10?),it's got action, romance, manipulation..and oohhh zombie! but with a creepy blue eyes and an ice cold body (literally!) I can't tell you more. You just gotta see it!

So there it is guys! My favorite TV series of all time! Now you may have your favorites that didn't make it to the list and that's fine! This is my personal choice. To each his own right? Oh wait, did I remember to correct my post title? Actually..naaaah! I'm just too lazy today and also having too much comfort here. :D

Have a great Sunday everyone!*wink*

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