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Used Abused & Reviewed: Natural 3-Tone Grey Contact Lens from

Product Description:

Color: Grey with 3-tone effect (Dolly Eye)
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Dueba
Origin: South Korea
Price: $19.50 (from

Hey guys! Here's another product review for this month. This is actually my first 'contact lens' review so keep on reading to find out whether I like it or hate it!

I'm not really a contact lens wearer but I was fortunate enough to receive this pair of lenses from and thought, why not give it a try? To my surprise, I love it!

This type of lens has a 3-tone design which makes your eyes pop with a hint of dolly eye effect. The one I got has a brown inner color with gray dot gradation and works it's effect out into a thin 'outer' black ring or others call the "limbal ring". At first, you might think that the design is too much and is not good for everyday wear but trust me, it's looks very natural only that it gives your eyes that extra "oomph!"

Water content is only about 38% but when I first wore it, it's not drying at all and it seems that the lens is well taken care of. You still have to carry your eye drops though because you may need it in about 5 hours or so especially when your in an air-conditioned room where eyes tend to dry more. 

As I mentioned before, I'm not a contact lens wearer so putting it on is a bit hard but I got over it. lol. Comfort-wise, it's "high-five" okay, thankfully I did not experience any dizziness or blurry vision. And oh, I also opted out the prescription or power but you can totally have yours graded. Do check with your Optometrist to get your correct eye grade.

Brace yourselves for heavy photos! Here's how it looks in my eyes:
*For reference, I have dark brown eyes.

First, 'lemme take a selfie! (without the contact lens)
*I went for an "au naturale" look so that the focus is on my eyes. *wink*

*The transition!


*When it directly hits the light, the inner brown color fades out leaving you with a grey gorgeous eyes!

Here's a closer look!

Isn't it pretty? I just love how natural it is! At first I thought it would give me a "reaaallly dolly eye" look but thankfully it didn't. My iris sure got larger but just a "little little bit". I'm just so happy this is the pair I received! I'm actually into grey lens. I have tried blue ones before but it's just isn't for Asian eyes if you know what I mean. ;)

Make sure to check the expiration date. This one will expire on 2018 and it is also CE,ISO and KFDA certified. Make sure that it also has the metal seal on it (I already removed that one before taking this photo so don't worry, it is surely safe and sealed!)

To sum up, the $19.50 price is totally worth the pair but the shipping fee would kill it so I highly suggest you order few pairs (or go crazy and hoard!) so that you can avail the Free Standard Shipping for orders over $50. Plus it comes with the cute animal lens case!

*I received this for free for PR purposes.
*THANK YOU team! ^_^

You can buy one here: 3-Tone Grey Contact Lens


'Till the next one pretties! Take care!

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