Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quick Review: Personal Collection Limited Edition Body Wash in Merry Peppermint

Personal Collection Limited Edition Body Wash
Merry Peppermint - 200ml
*Available in Personal Collection dealer near you
For PC official website, click HERE.
Price: Around 200PhP

Hey pretties! I just wanna share a quick review about a shower gel/body wash that I'm oh so loving lately. While many places right now are having the 'bad weather', our area on the other hand have been sunny, humid and straightforward HOT! It's been a month since we last enjoyed a bit of rain. My mom have been worrying because she can't have plants growing on her garden because the soils are all dried up. My beloved Rain,where are you when we needed you?

Anyway, for hot days like this, all I wanna do is dip in an ice cold water but unfortunately that's not going to happen because first, we don't have bath tub(Bummer!); while dipping in the bucket(or pail?) can be a good idea, I won't be considering that because I'm 20 something already so in short, I'm not gonna fit!! :D And yes, I've considered dipping in a pool, beach, waterfall etc. you name it, I've thought about it but because of the unforgiving heat of the sun, I'm not gonna do that, I'm not gonna risk getting skin cancer if you know what I mean. So all I'm trying to say is, this shower gel is my short cut and life saver! Yep. I got this last year, December I think; when all limited holiday collection is still the craze and bought it for no apparent reason but end up thanking that I did. 

The whole product & packaging is plain and simple. What you see is what you get. There's no ingredients listed on the back (only the manufacturing and expiratioh date). It only has the simple 'holiday themed' front sticker that shows the basic product details. It comes with a gel consistency (of course). The scent is refreshing enough but wait 'till you rub the shower gel on your skin! It's minty and oh so refreshing! Makes you wanna dance off the heat in the shower. (Yes I'm weird like that. I know you are too, admit it.) 

I would prefer a pump but since I'm crazed about what's inside, I didn't mind the packaging. The shower gel itself lathers very quickly and so rich like what you would expect in a shower gel. The peppermint scent lasts for quiet awhile after you shower but the minty  feeling is what you'll truly enjoy. It's like giving sun the middle finger (up!). Sorry *coughs*. I guess I'm just raving about this because it's what I found when I needed the help from the heat. LOL. But really, this product is GooOOooD!

So since this is just a quick review, I'll just leave you to your imagination and if you come upon this pretty, grab it! You might need it in the coming hot days! ;) 

Have you tried this? What are your shower gel suggestions for hot days?
Do share your thoughts below! Go on, I won't bite.

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