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PL Reviews: RAVEN Hair Spray

Hey everyone! Here's my first hair-related post for this year! I don't review much for hair stuff but I hope you'll find this one helpful. 

RAVEN Hair Spray
Price: Around 200PhP or less
Bought from: Watsons
Extra Hold, Non-Aerosol
Salon Proven Formula


RAVEN hair spray is a specially formulated perfumed hair spray that gives long lasting hold without the stickiness or flaking. Adds shine and texture to hair. Washes off easily.



It comes in a 250ml bottle with a plastic pump sprayer or the atomizer. The pump is controllable, in thick high quality material and easy to use. This one is a bit bulky so if you're only planning to go out of town and only use it for yourself, then buy the smaller one or better yet, just transfer to a travel spray bottle that you have on hand.

*The difference between "Aerosol" and "Non-aerosol" hairspray:

Aerosol hairspray are usually packaged in a container under pressure which usually emits gas (from a liquid form inside). Non-aerosol is simply packaged as liquid and will be emitted as is but through a pump-spray. Some prefer Aerosol hairspray because it gives finer mist and can hold even the finer types of hair but others also prefer the non-aerosol type especially if it's for an 'occasion' use because it has stronger hold and will last long (great for curls,hair-dos or any structured hairstyles). It's really a matter for preference.

First of all, I don't use hairsprays that much because I feel like hair can't breathe if you do that more often. I only use it during special occasions/events but when I do, I make sure that the hair spray is worth the try. So let me introduce you to Raven Hair Spray! Cheapest I have tried for a hair spray so far. I saw this in Watsons and thought, why not give it a try? And it did not disappoint me. The hair spray has a nice scent to it, not too strong for my liking (but some would think so and that's okay). The main function of hair spray is to hold the style of your hair as long as you'd like and fortunately, this product delivered what it's meant to do. It held my curls for a good 5-6 hours, enough for an entire event, right? Some expensive ones hold much longer but since this one is a cheapo, I didn't expected too much. I like that it did not gave my hair that flaky and sticky feeling. But the secret actually is to not spray too much. You must spray at least 6-8 inches from your hair as instructed so that the chemical won't soak into your hair and will only adds shine and hold into the top layer.

It's also easy to wash off but just make sure to condition your hair after because it's normal to get dry hair after using hair spray. If you can do a hair treatment, that's better. I usually soak my hair with a coconut milk and some aloe vera extract the day after. 

For an affordable hair spray, I definitely recommend this one and you can easily find it in Watsons or other leading drugstores and supermarkets but of course, if you want the high-end feel, Treseme and Vidal Sassoon are good brands to start.

Back packaging:

*Shows product information and manufacturing & expiration date. The one I got is manufactured on 2014 and will expire in 2017. So I could still use it for a good 2 years! (though I highly doubt it would survive that long.lol)

Direction for use:

Hold bottle 6-8 inches from the hair and spray evenly. Spray all over desired section of the head, make sure you cover your face. It's important to follow this because if you have sprayed too much, your hair style (especially curls) will weigh down quickly or will get too sticky after several hours. 

*The key ingredient Copolymer is responsible for the extra strong hold.
Raven Hair Spray in action!

If you want finer droplets of the liquid, just hold it longer (with force)  as you spray but if you want it to emit larger droplets, just pump it in quick repeated motion.


'Till the next one pretties! Take care!*wink*

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