Monday, April 10, 2017

Will YOU ever be ready for Summer?

I've read a lot of articles on how to prepare for summer, how to get beach perfect body, what to bring for summer getaways, etc. etc. but the question is, will you ever be ready for summer? I know I'm not! Especially when the months before that is holiday and you just can't resist sinful foods! But the good thing is, you actually don't need the perfect bod nor the perfect essentials. So what do you need really?

And oh, before you continue to read, don't expect summer tips 1 to 10 or travel essentials from cotton pads to sunblock. Although that is important, I think I'm too late to give that since you can literally read it EVERYWHERE! So I'm just telling you something you probably already know but may want to be reminded and then we can be besties! Ya feel me?

Okay moving on...

Well my new found friend, all you need, is CONFIDENCE! Yep, that's all you need (and probably money. Money is important too.) 

I've recently traveled to Panglao, Bohol which is one of the sexiest beaches in Philippines and I'm telling you, babes and dudes on the beach come in different shapes and sizes but they flaunt their body like no ones looking and I dig that! So I felt the vibes and boy do I flaunt my chubby curves and my not so curvy butt. lol. But I don't care! Why? Because I've got CONFIDENCE yo! Ain't nobody's gonna tell me what to do! or what not to do? :D

So next time when you ask yourself, will I ever be ready for summer? Say YES with a confident!

UPDATES: I know I've been MIA for a long while now but I think I lost my twinkle magic somewhere and still looking for it. I may post short (but sweet) blobs from here and there but if you also want to get updated on what I've been doing, follow me on Instagram! I travel a lot these days and eat a LOT! I'm trying out new things and maybe you're planning on that too. YOLOing is what they call it! So let's follow for follow? or stalk each other, whichever you prefer I'm cool with that.
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Love ya pretties! Take care!

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