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PL Travels: BOHOL Adventure!

It all started when we had scuba diving lesson earlier this year. One of the scuba instructors said he had an amazing scuba experience in Balicasag Bohol and said that it would be worthy of anyone who wants to experience it. Then bam! 2 months after that, we flew to Bohol! :D

Bohol is an island province rich with cultures, old buildings (from Spanish era), sexy beaches and of course, the famous Chocolate Hills! We only had the Balicasag underwater experience in mind but didn't expect we'd actually have more fun! But you know what they say, "It's more fun in the Philippines!"

The are a lot of Bohol tour packages you could choose from but if it's an unplanned - spur of the moment thing, don't fret! There are travel agencies outside of airports or piers willing to offer at an affordable price even if you didn't book in advance. Tourism in Bohol is well organized so you don't have to worry about a travel agency being costly than the others. They pretty much have the same packages/rates. Ours was recommended by a friend, you can check him out on Facebook. He's always on time, very friendly, and on our last day, he even drove way off the road to the pier just so we could buy the specific brand of Calamay that we like. By the way, it's Jagna calamay, so yummy!

We booked the exclusive tour for 2 people, this is obviously more expensive but you can save more if you travel in groups. There are no joined tours in Bohol so you really have to book depending on how many people are travelling. We booked for two kinds of tours: Bohol Countryside Tour and Bohol Island Hopping / Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour.

Without further ado, here are the activities that we enjoyed!

*Bohol Countryside Tour*

ATV Ride

This is my first ever ATV experience and I had so much fun! Our tour guide was so nice and every time I had a "little"accidents (as if! even 9 years olds are good! haha,yes I'm no driver), he would come back right away and guide me and would always ask if I'm okay. He's also on an ATV and would lead the way. We had "pit stops" and have photo ops on different groups of hills. 

The whole duration of our ATV package experience is 2 hours but you can also have an option to have more or even a whole day for an extra bucks.

Manmade Forest

This place! It's so instagrammable! But you really have to be quick in taking pictures because there are a lot of tourists/cars going in and out. This is a main road so vehicles are expected to pass through so if you don't want any photobombers, come early!

Bohol Loboc River/Floating Restaurant

I lost my Loboc river photos. bummer! But it's one not to miss. We had buffet lunch in Loboc river via a floating restaurant/big boat and at the end of the cruise, we were entertained by a small tribe on a village setup for tourists. They are in cultural costumes even the young ones which are very cute! They play music through old school instruments and they breath fire! They are so nice and warm welcoming, literally! Did I mention they breath fire?

Bohol Chocolate Hills viewpoint

Okay so before travelling, I had this dream of riding ATV right on top and around of the Chocolate hills! Or even hike in there but NO! haha! You can't actually go to the hills but you can bask in it's beauty through the viewpoint that's setup for everyone. It's a 5-minute climb or 200+ steps before you reach this view. It's a long journey but you gotta get this picture! You just gotta! You haven't been to Bohol if you didn't have a photo op with the hills! *wink*

I lost several photos of this travel but other places included in the itinerary are: Blood Compact Shrine, Tarsier sanctuary, Giftshop and Baclayon Church. There are other tourist spots but we opt to only have these and you too can. Just talk to your tour guide or the driver so you could spend your time on other activities or to just relax on your accommodation by the beach which is what we did! :) Our accommodation after our countryside tour was at the sexy beach of Panglao because we will have our island tour the next day and Panglao is the departure point so we decided to have our tour cut short and just enjoy the sunset at the beach. 

Panglao sunset :)

Island Hopping / Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour

Ah yes! The highlight of our Bohol experience is the island hopping! We started the day by watching the sunrise in Panglao beach and went on whale watching which was magical! We saw a bunch of dolphins and the rays of the sun hits their shiny bodies as they swam towards the open sea. It was magical and it was truly the highlight of my day. But again, I lost the photo! haha!

Panglao sunrise :)

So after whale watching, we went to Balicasag Island and we went turtle watching and snorkeling. At this point, I forgot that Balicasag was our main reason for travelling to Bohol because we had been stuffed with a lot of activities and views already. And yet again, Bohol did not fail us! Seeing Balicasag marine life in 3D was so much fun! Even with people like us who don't know how to swim. LOL. 

After snorkeling, we went to Virgin Island sandbar for some photo ops then went back to our Panglao accommodation and again, enjoyed the sunset by the beach.

Our tour only costs 4,505PHP/pax for the 2-day tour package which included pier pickup & dropoff, Countryside tour exclusively for two people (we had the car to ourselves, flexible time + friendly driver with buffet lunch) and Island Hopping tour (we had the boat to ourselves + 2 boatmen/tour guide with lunch), accommodation at Panglao which was a spacious room at Dubay beachfront resort and all entrance fees. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! This is my first travel post and definitely won't be the last! 

Love ya pretties! Take care!

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