Saturday, October 28, 2017

PL Travels: Cabgan & Turtle Island

If you haven't been to Surigao del Sur, I suggest that you start packing right now! I mean it. Not only is this province safe and ready for modernization but it's also abundant with the best beaches and even all kinds of bodies of water. This province is becoming more and more popular with its main attractions like Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls (the Philippine's little Niagara falls), Britania Group of Islands and many more including this underrated, untouched but so-chill islands of Barobo - the Cabgan & Turtle Islands. So yeah trust me, this comes from the eye of the local. Yep, I'm proud to be living in this beautiful place of Surigao del Sur!

Facing the Pacific Ocean, it's no wonder that we have one of the best beaches in Philippines and a lot more that's undiscovered. One that's becoming popular with travelers/backpackers, are these two islands from Barobo. Mainly because, going to and from the main attractions that I mentioned above, this can be found "along the way" so why not a take quick detour right? Some local tour agencies are actually creating packages going to this island. But being local that we are, we HAVE to check this out! Going to Barobo from our city (Bislig City) is just less than an hour away. We took a motorbike ride which for us is the most convenient since the departure point kinda has a narrow road. Actually, you can go to the old public market nearby sea and from there, you'll see lots of boatmen who will take you to the island but be careful, they might take advantage so haggling is key! The route that we took was going to Dapdap and from there, we went to Cabgan resort and asked for their island tour.  They offer PHP30/pax but you have to wait for the boat to be full for up to 30 people. The next best thing that we did was look for a smaller boat to rent since there was just the 2 of us and we just don't have time to wait. Fortunately, the resort has several boatmen neighbors and we found a good deal of PHP1000 back and forth trip on a mini boat. 


Our first stop, well not actually a "stop" because we kinda just drive around on this island. It's inhabitable but from afar it looks and shapes exactly like a turtle thus its name "Turtle Island". While checking it out, we found this beautiful rock formations and all you can think is be amazed and just take it all in - its beauty, its shape and its reflections on the deep turquoise water. And lucky us, the weather was calm and steady on that day.


You'll find more rock formations on this island but it's most famous for it's cliff and the white sand beach. You'll find yourself on a little hike before you find "the spot" but it was all worth it. The feeling of being on top of the world is what it's aiming for! Prepare yourself for series of photos! ;) *coughs : not ashamed*

Enjoy the view!!

 Doesn't it take your breath away? This is def my favorite kind of blue. :)

So after our hike and a ton of photo ops later, we went back to the beach and enjoyed the cool water.


1. Before entering Dapdap (the route that we took), check out the "Bulalo" restos found in the main road. You would easily notice it because these are always filled with people/travelers. They are popular for their Bulalo and sometimes they display lechon (roasted pig) which is a bonus if you're looking for local food. 

2. Aside from the two islands, you can also check the Bogac cold spring which is along the way when you go to the islands via Dapdap.

3. When going back to the mainland, take your time because the deep blue sea is so relaxing that you would immediately miss it when you take off the boat. So here's US taking our time and yes that's our boatman. :)

I hope this post helps you in anyway and that it would inspire you to travel to our beautiful province, Surigao del Sur and I promise you, we have lot more to offer! :) 

This is CJ signing off!
P.S. I'm the one wearing the blue cap and that's my bff/travel buddy, Jie (the one wearing the grey cap).

Love ya pretties! Take care!

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