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PL Travels: Camiguin Island

Visiting Camiguin was a last minute plan after we traveled from Siargao but I'm glad that we did it. This island is actually the second smallest province in the Philippines but definitely not the one to miss. This island is greatly influenced by Spanish era and it has been said in old Spanish documents that Ferdinand Magellan and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi actually visited here. You would really know by just looking at their old buildings and church ruins. 

How do you get there and how to take the most out of your time?

Going to Camiguin, the transport that we chose was via bus from Butuan going to Cagayan de Oro but drop off at Balingoan terminal. From the terminal, the pier is just less than 5 mins. walk. You can only go to the island via boat, as mentioned above, it's small and no airport is available. You can buy your boat tickets at the terminal, it's easy to spot or you can ask around, people are so nice so don't worry. After buying your ticket, you can walk to the pier but tricycle is also available if it's the middle of the day and the scorching heat of the sun is unbearable.

One thing that I know will make the most out of your time in Camiguin is to just rent a motorbike and explore the island yourself. This way, you'll have full control of your time and itinerary. Make sure to check map first to know where to go and also list the spots that you think is worth checking especially when you don't have a lot of time to spend in the island. Upon arrival in Benoni Port of Camiguin, you'll find a lot of porter that would welcome you and you can ask them about rentals. I highly suggest that you rent outside of the pier so that it's easier to return and easy transport for you since the actual downtown of the island is a good 30 minutes ride. Scooter rental is around PHP300-400.

Without further ado, let's explore the island!

Katibawasan Falls


This is our first stop and the furthest from our accommodation so we had to do this first. The falls is so cold that we didn't dare taking a dip! But we never miss a photo opportunity for sure! *wink*

Ardent Hot Spring


From cold water to hot water! :D This spring is one of the highlights of Camiguin. The water that supplies this spring is from Hibok - Hibok Volcano and apparently, it has a lot of health benefits so I would recommend it to anyone. Don't expect too much though, the place is still maintained but the water is not as hot as others would say. Some locals said that there was a part of the spring where you can actually boil an egg but it's gone now. 

Camiguin Viewpoint

On our way to Sunken cemetery to catch the sunset, we found this viewpoint at Mambajao. We came in perfect time where sun is almost setting and you get the surreal feeling while looking at the open sea and vast land area not too far to your left side. And this is why it's best that you have your own transpo so you can stop anytime and get the best captures and the best moments!

Sunken Cemetery

This is probably one of the most solemn places in the country. People tend to flock here during Lenten season or during Halloween/All Souls day. It is "sunken" because when Mt. Vulcan erupted in 1871, the cemetery has been covered and driven underwater. The cross symbolizes that the place was once the holy burial of the locals. Most travelers come here and stayed until the sun sets completely to really feel the place. You can go to the giant cross through a small boat but we opt not to. They actually allow diving and snorkeling now. I'm not sure if that's safe and totally hygienic tho.

Old Church Ruins

This is one of the oldest Spanish church here in the island and probably in the whole country. I'm really fascinated with ruins because I know they're rich with story and a part of our history. (it rhymes!)

Camiguin White Island

This is probably the highlight of our Camiguin trip because we just looovee white sand beaches or anything that involves the sea! :D When in White Island, make sure that you get a picture with the Mt. Hibok-hibok as your backdrop. You know you wanna wanna!

On our way back to pier, we had pit stops to capture the old houses in Camiguin. Definitely part of their history!

'Till next time guys! This is CJ & JIE signing off!

Love ya pretties! Take care!

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